Political meetings

Political meetings
– beneath crystal chandeliers and behind tinted glass

International and political meetings are held constantly, meetings that affect and change the world in one way or another. But what lies behind the images that confront us from our television screens or the newspapers? Who are the organisers and how is it all actually arranged? What sort of problems can arise and how are opportunities created? Is there really any difference between planning a political event and organising corporate meetings or international congresses?

Aja Lind, formerly Deputy and Acting Secretary-General at the Swedish Government Offices in Stockholm, has worked for many years with events, organisational issues and leadership in government agencies and the public sector. She believes that special competence and experience are essential when organising political events. The book describes how to implement a high-level political meeting from beginning to end, how to build up an organisation, how to engage suppliers and how to debrief the team when the project has been completed.

The book is of interest not only to anyone planning and implementing a high-level event but also to anyone dealing with other types of arrangement in government agencies and in the political sphere – whether purchaser or supplier.

Today Aja Lind works as author, speaker, lecturer, consultant and adviser.